The Entrepreneurial Mindset

There are business owners and then there is everybody else. Constantly calculating our own value and the value exchange of things in general–Service, Products, Quality, Time, Money, Energy etc. Striving for achievement or pushing for the next breakthrough with a certainty that the past doesn’t equal the future.

There is always more to be done and more directions to try. Somehow like a survivor the entrepreneur always squeezes by to the next level to the next day and to the next opportunity. As the grind goes on it gets easier it becomes the norm and it evolves as the rewards get bigger and your vision continues to expand you taste the truth of the game. Sometimes it tastes great.

Some see the finish line others just exploding from the starting the blocks. The vision always exists wherever you’re positioned. Steadily hurdling the barriers. Steadily moving from past, to future and back to the present.

The great game of business continues on…