Visualize Your Customers Buying Process

 View their perspective through their lens as objectively as possible to determine what their buying and research process looks like for your type of business.

Avoid getting sucked into the marketing trends of the moment because the same time tested strategies have been working for the past 100 years. The way people make buying decisions just hasn’t changed that much. They may spend time online as opposed reading the newspaper however while the media may change the fundamentals of your approach will not change as rapidly.

People buy for a multitude of reasons. Some rational and logical others emotional and impulsive. Some are driven by convenience and others by status however many people are driven by all these things at once or many of them.

While these motivations may seem complicated they present themselves and unfold in hierarchies that reflect the values of your customers. The values that they want, meaning what they deem important, and also the negative values or things that they don’t want and wish to avoid.

Considering your customers complex motivations gives you insight only when you can use it. You can align your strategy of what you’re looking to achieve with the values systems of your customers and trends begin to appear. When you identify a replicable pattern in your strategy you have something that every business owner dreams of.