Your Business is a Chain with Links not a Pyramid

Focus on the broken links first. Once they are fixed, focus on the weak links. Energy spent on links in your chain that are working fine will never result in as much of a leap forward as fixing broken links and then weak links.

When a link breaks there is a much larger physical reaction in your business then when a working link is strengthened. Find the broken links.

When your business is feeling pressure or constrained it’s typically because of one or two links…not the economy or the industry. You have to become a master at identifying the weak links and then either fixing them or completely replacing them. It’s the highest level of detective work and becomes much like an art form because unfortunately for us the links in the chain never tell us they’re broken. They merely signal us by failed outcomes so every pattern of failure is actually a signal to fix a link and every time you fix a link your business can now leap forward again.